This is the list of current NVMe products

Current products have demonstrated capability as defined by NVM Express and the University Of New Hampshire
Interoperability Laboratory – You can see the latest NVMe Integrators list at UNH-IOL here.unh

Intel® SSD DC D3700/3600 Series


Intel’s first dual port NVM express* (NVMe) SSD, the Intel® Solid State Drive Data Center D3700/3600 Series, provides new dual port features to support enterprise storage architecture with higher performance and lower latency than today’s [...]

Micron 9100 SSD

, The 9100 SSD is purpose-built to deliver data, fast—letting you process your data more efficiently. A single 9100 is up to 25X faster than an array of 24 HDDs capable of 15,000 RPM.1 It [...]

Intel SSD DC P3700, P3600, P3500 Series

,  Extreme Performance High-bandwidth Intel® SSDs with NVMe* bring data directly to Intel® Xeon® processors—providing near-real-time results for big data analytics. Faster input/output operations per second (IOPS) deliver more performance per server, significantly cutting latency. [...]

Flashtec NVMe Controllers

PMC-Sierra 89HF32P08AG3 NVMEC8/16/32: 8, 16, 32-channel with PCIe x4/x8 Gen 3 FLASHTEC NVME CONTROLLERS 16 AND 32 CHANNEL PCI EXPRESS® FLASH CONTROLLERS The PMC Flashtec second-generation NVMe controller family enables the world’s leading enterprises and [...]