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This is the list of current NVMe products

Listed products have demonstrated capability as defined by NVM Express and the University Of New Hampshire
Interoperability Laboratory. You can see the latest NVMe Integrators list at UNH-IOL here.unh


Axellio Super IO Platform, from XIO Technologies


Product Description X-IO’s Axellio is an advanced compute/storage architecture incorporating 2 dual CPU servers with up to 88 cores and up to 2TB of RAM, tightly coupled with up to 72 x 2.5” Dual Port [...]


NVM Express® Questa® Verification IP (PCI Express® Family)

The NVM Express® Mentor® Graphics Questa Verification IP (NVMe QVIP) is a soft model that enables smooth verification of NVMe Controller and NVMe Host. NVMe QVIP combines world-class simulation methodologies to deliver a ready-made solution for [...]


E8 Storage E8-D24 Rack Scale Flash, Centralized NVMe Solution

E8 Storage’s E8-D24 that captured the top prize at the 2016 Flash Memory Summit, winning the “Best of Show” award for the Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology, is based on open hardware architecture and uses [...]


Intel SSD DC P3700, P3600, P3500 Series


  Extreme Performance High-bandwidth Intel® SSDs with NVMe* bring data directly to Intel® Xeon® processors—providing near-real-time results for big data analytics. Faster input/output operations per second (IOPS) deliver more performance per server, significantly cutting latency. [...]