Drive Trust Alliance adds NVMe support to SEDutil

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Drive Trust Alliance maintains the popular sedutil application (formally called msed), which eases configuration of Self-Encrypting Drives implementing the TCG OPAL specification. Until recently only SATA/SCSI drives were supported by sedutil.

As of the 1.10 release, NVMe SEDs are officially supported by the Linux version of sedutil. This paves the way for NVMe OPAL SED adoption across a wide variety of datacenter, workstation, client, mobile, and IoT platforms.

Additional background information about NVMe OPAL Self-Encrypting Drives is available from this August 2015 blog post.

NVM Express Plugfest #5: Feb. 29-Mar. 3, 2016

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Mark your calendars for the next NVM Express Plugfest event — it’s the fifth in the series, with a number of enhancements.

The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory’s (UNH-IOL) NVMe Consortium will be hosting the fifth NVM Express Interoperability Plugfest the week of February 29-March 3, 2016. This event is an opportunity for NVMe Implementors to test the interoperability of their products.

The Plugfest will be held at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory’s new facility located at 21 Madbury Rd, in Durham, NH.  More information about the testing that will be conducted can be found here.  There is also an NVMe Plugfest FAQ.


Webcast Dec. 10: “NVM Express® Solutions: Delivering Real-world Benefits”

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We’ve scheduled another informative webcast with an NVM Express subject matter expert.  This one is entitled “NVM Express® Solutions: Delivering Real-world Benefits,” and the presenter is Jonmichael Hands, Product Marketing Manager, Intel Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group.
It takes place on Thursday, December 10 at 11 AM Pacific time. Here’s what it will cover:
NVMe brings high performance and low latency PCIe SSDs into the mainstream with a streamlined protocol that is efficient and scalable, with an ease of deployment through industry standard software and drivers. NVMe is driving changes in cloud computing, software-defined infrastructure, virtualization, HPC, traditional database and big data analytics. See the areas where NVMe can add value to data center applications today through compelling solutions and proof points of real workloads and applications.
Register now — if the December 10 time isn’t convenient for you, registration will also let you access the recording of the event, which will be posted soon afterwards.
PS — did you miss our well-attended “NVM Express Over Fabrics” webcast last week?  You can join the hundreds of other people who have viewed the recording by signing in here.

New Storage Performance Development Kit now available

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While non-volatile memory (NVM) technologies are transforming the storage landscape, the challenge of the I/O bottleneck that is caused by storage is ongoing. Intel recently announced a step in the direction of addressing the bottleneck with the Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK), which is an open source initiative and available for download at The SPDK enables developers to work in user space, improves performance, and makes development simpler for storage developers. We encourage NVMe supporters to check out the SPDK to enhance their systems and join the open ecosystem that is leveraging shared technology.

To learn more about this great technology enabler, check out the blog at

Webcast: “NVM Express® Fabrics Protocol and Architecture”

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Register now for the November 19 webcast on NVM Express over Fabrics.  Mike Shapiro, Founder and VP Software at EMC/DSSD, is the presenter.  It’s at 12:30 PM Pacific.  Here’s what it will cover:

As NVM Express becomes the de facto interface standard for Enterprise and Client PCIe-based storage, the NVMe specification is evolving to take on the challenge of maintaining low latency to storage media while scaling out to meet the needs of modern data centers and applications.  This talk will explore the coming NVMe Over Fabrics specification, and how it enables NVMe to be used across fabrics (e.g., Ethernet or InfiniBand™ with RDMA, Fibre Channel, etc,) and connect to other NVMe storage devices.  Who should attend: engineering and marketing people interested in learning about how NVMe Over Fabrics works and the new types of system architectures enabled by this protocol.

Register now and you will also be notified when the recorded webcast is available.

NOTE: if you missed the NVMe and Mobile webcast on October 29, the recording is available.

NVM Express and Mobile — free webcast October 29, 2015, 11 AM Pacific

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Register now for this free webinar, “NVM Express® and PCI Express® for Mobile,” presented by Dave Landsman, Director SSD Standards, SanDisk.  It’s taking place on Thursday, October 29 at 11 AM Pacific time.

Here’s what the webcast will cover:

While the compute segments are embracing NVMe as the interface standard for Enterprise and Client PCIe-based storage, NVMe/PCIe is not generally thought of as a platform for mobile storage solutions; i.e., handsets. This talk will explore and discuss what features are needed, and in some cases already there, to make NVMe/PCIe a compelling storage solution for mobile handsets, and small, thin computing devices, in general.

Who should attend: engineering and marketing people interested in learning about how NVMe/PCIe is suitable for mobile storage solutions.

There’s no charge to attend, but advance registration is required — you can also register to view the recorded webcast at a later date if you can’t make this time.

Demartek on NVM Express at FMS, IDF Events

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Dennis Martin, founder and President of Demartek, a computer industry analyst organization with its own ISO 17025 accredited test lab, has published his observations from attending the Flash Memory Summit (where he also was a presenter) and the Intel Developer Forum events this year.  NVM Express was prominently mentioned.

In addition, Dennis showed some NVMe performance results in one of his FMS2015 presentations — you can also view the slides and see the specific test results.

“Weaving A Fabric For Faster Cloud Storage With NVMe” — Forbes Magazine

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Tom Coughlin, who consults and writes on digital storage and applications, and is chairman of the Storage Visions, Creative Storage Conferences as well as the Flash Memory Summit, has written an interesting article about NVM Express and Fabrics in Forbes Magazine.  He starts out by saying:

“Flash memory performance is driving the development of communication interfaces with computer systems that can take advantage of this speed and lower latency. The development of these interfaces has also enabled solid-state storage devices that don’t need to emulate HDD form factors or operation. The later factor is leading to the elimination of flash translation layers and HDD shaped SSDs.  The former factor has enabled flash memory to sit in the computer memory bus in special DIMM cards as well as their use in PCIe-based storage using the NVMe protocol.”

See where he takes it in the rest of the article — — and watch for news about NVM Express and Fabrics in coming months.

NVMe at FMS and IDF – and what’s next

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August has been an action-packed month for the NVM Express team, with active presences at both the Flash Memory Summit, August 11-13, and the Intel Developer Forum, August 18-20. We had a lot of great conversations – thanks to all those who stopped by to see us.  And thanks also to the many members whose long hours and focused efforts made our participation possible!

At the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California, 15 NVM Express, Inc. members presented on 10 different topics, while at our booth, four members gave live demonstrations of NVMe products. Topics discussed included Security and the Trusted Computing Group Storage Specifications, NVMe over Fabrics, NVMe in Mobile Segments, Management Interface, and the NVMe Ecosystem.

  • The past, present, and future of NVMe were presented, to show the progress that has been made with NVMe over the past seven years and the amazing things that are in store for the future.
  • Real world benefits were showcased through a variety of data center and client use cases. For example, a proof point for Microsoft SQL for big data analytics with NVMe acceleration, SAS analytics for business, and the possibility of dual 4k video editing.
  • Oracle presented an end-user case study to show the evolution of their SSDs to NVMe and provided a comparison that showed a 2x increase in single block reads and 6x Log File Synch Waits over their old system.

These presentations showed how NVMe has left the proverbial drawing board and is now paving the way for future high-stakes use cases.

NVMe over Fabrics (an effort under development) was highlighted at the event, with several presentations that covered real-world use cases and applications, performance and emerging NVM application synergies. In addition to a Fabrics overview, the presentations touched on improved latency, advantages for sharing, and improved read-and-write performance.

A discussion about the NVMe ecosystem provided insights about how to begin utilizing all that NVMe has to offer through drivers, management, security, and components, discussing scalable architecture, and the importance of interoperability to system success. Strengths of the NVMe driver ecosystem, with drivers available on Windows, Linux, Soaris, VM ware, and UEFI, and a growing list of form factor availability were also highlighted. Closing remarks reiterated the advancements and opportunities that NVMe is bringing to the storage world.

Intel Developer Forum
FMS did a good job building excitement for IDF in San Francisco, the very next week. Our presence there included hands-on NVMe experiences and a plethora of informative events. NVM Express had a lively space in the event’s Technology Community that highlighted product availability and the breadth of industry investment driving our transformative technology, with demonstrations by 16 companies. In addition, the IDF conference agenda included several sessions dedicated to NVMe, both speaker-led presentations and “Tech Chats.”

What’s Next
The Annual NVM Express, Inc. Member Meeting is our next big event, and we look forward to sharing more about all the exciting things we have going on with NVMe. Save the date – it’s scheduled for March 21-22, 2016 in Santa Clara, California! If your company isn’t already a member, join us at